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Zola is trapped in a slice of time called Today! She keeps waking up on the same morning, to fight the same fights and endure the same challenges: a long-overdue argument with her husband; a street thief who tries to scam her; and her wily daughters rebellion - only to die by a seemingly unavoidable freak accident later in the day. She cant seem to escape the tests God has set for her until she learns her lessons and changes, putting her faith into action and reacting correctly to the difficult people in her life. Each repeated round of the day offers new mercies, but it is up to her to take the commands of Jesus seriously by laying down her life, and her rights, for the sake of others in each of the three scenarios. The film explores this battle of faith versus action, and how they combine to equal sanctification in real time.

Biblical connection

The film is based on the Biblical concept of sanctification, which is a process we all endure as Christians. It is about how we put faith into action and obey the commands of Jesus, thus avoiding untimely spiritual death in our lives. The repetition of the day is a picture of the mercy of God, and how He takes us back to the same trials and tests until “Christ is formed” in us and we can truly say “it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives through me”. Time is merely the capsule in which He conducts our process of sanctification and it is up to us to learn and grow, using the new mercies provided each day. As is says in Hebrews 3:7 - Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion. The film is an encouragement to anyone facing trials: God’s grace is sufficient and He has you in a process which will lead to your perfection in Christ! Don’t ignore your tests, but lay your life down and become more like Jesus, to your own benefit and the benefit of those around you!



  • Director/Writer: Andrea Gema
  • Co-writer: Andrew Phillips
  • DP: Bradyn Hopking
  • Editor/ SFX Supervisor: Joe Krenzer
  • Post Production: Paul Spiers
  • AD: Howard James Fyvie